The Long Beach Pike

The Pike amusement park was officially opened on the beach in Long Beach on July 4, 1902. Also known as the "Walk of a Thousand Lights," it became one of the most popular amusement parks on the west coast. After World War II, it was expanded and renamed Nu-Pike. It was closed in 1979.

These postcards are from the Museum's extensive collection. These and many other Pike postcards are collected in the Souvenir Picture Postcard Album of the Long Beach Pike, Album Number Two, available at Long Beach bookstores or through the Museum.


Walk of a Thousand Lights

Pike, with Bisby's Spiral Airship, a 1915 Thrill Ride

Bath House, 1910

Bamboo Slide, 1920s

Jackrabbit Racer, circa 1920 - 1930

Virginia Park, 1940s

Looking East From Cedar, 1948

Nu-Pike Midway, 1960s

The Cyclone Racer

Laff in the Dark

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