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Fund Raising Committee Update

A very diligent group of Museum members have been working hard promoting awareness about the Museum throughout the city. They have raised funds, which will be put towards our goal of finding a building to house the Museum's collection. We've been at the East Village Art Walk, participated in two of Belmont Shore's "Stroll and Savor"s, held a fund raising event called "Shop Till You Drop", appeared several times at the Belmont Shore Car Show, displayed at the Veteran's Day parade, and, our most successful event so far, the reopening of the Jergins Tunnel. We're always looking for new venues to tell Long Beach about the Museum. Any ideas? Contact us.

In addition to all the time spent at each event promoting the Museum and educating the public about our need to find a building to house the artifacts, there were many hours spent organizing and preparing for each activity. A big thank you goes out to our volunteers. They have been an amazing force behind the Museum's fund raising campaign.

But they can't do it all! If we are going to continue to have a successful fund raising campaign, we need support from our members. We can't do it without your help! If we work together, we can turn our dream about a Museum for all the city of Long Beach to enjoy, into a reality. We need money and volunteer time for our fund raising efforts to be successful. Any amount of time and energy that you can donate will be greatly appreciated. Any monetary donations will be well used and are tax deductible.

We're getting close to finding a home for the Museum! It's real. More about that as things firm up.

To join our team, contact Ken Larkey (562) 433-4156 or LKenlar@aol.com.

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