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Museum Exhibits

These photographs show just a few of the exhibits that were on display in the Museum. Please save the Museum so that these pieces of Long Beach history will be available to the public once more. The Museum must have a building soon or the collection will be broken up and sold off.

Click on the pictures for a larger view.

Former exhibit space Cyclone Racer car Bath House exhibit
photo of chalk doll
photo of uniforms
Mae West chalk carnival doll prize from the Pike Telephone exhibit

Seaside Hospital student nurse's uniform, Municipal Band uniform

photo of Queen Mary exhibit
photo of plate
photo of soda fountain
Queen Mary exhibit
Long Beach souvenir plate
Harriman Jones soda fountain
photo of drug store exhibit
photo of dairy exhibit
photo of unifomrs
Drug store exhibit, c 1930s

Dairy exhibit,with items from Long Beach dairies

City Municipal Band and Navy uniforms

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