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Help Save the Museum!

Urgent! We need warehouse space, either long or short term

While we seek a permanent home for the museum, we need to keep the collection safely in storage. We must vacate our current warehouse by June, 2012. Can you help us by donating unused storage space, either short or long term? Even 1000 square feet for a few months will help. The need is critical. The Museum is a 503(c) corporation, so your donation may be tax deductible. If you can help, please contact Marshall Pumphrey (562) 987-1904 or mpumphr@aol.com

Building fund

We are in need of a building for the Museum so that we may once again present the collection to the people of Long Beach. Time is running out! The Museum's goal is to raise enough funds for the purchase of a suitable building to be a permanent home for the Museum and to get all exhibits and artifacts back on display for the public to view and enjoy once again. If we do not have a building soon, the collection must be broken up and sold off. This would be a great loss to the city of Long Beach. Here's how you can help.

Join us at our fund raising events

See our list of upcoming events. These are your only opportunity to see artifacts from the museum. Have fun while you help us build the Museum.


We need volunteer time for our fund raising efforts to be successful. If we work together, we can turn our dream about a Museum for the city of Long Beach into a reality. To join our team, contact Marshall Pumphrey (562) 987-1904 or mpumphr@aol.com.

Become a member

Membership includes a beautiful newsletter and an invitation to a fascinating annual meeting. Please support us by becoming a member of the Museum.


We appeal to you for financial help to fund a Museum building. We are seeking a corporate sponsor. This is an excellent opportunity for a Long Beach business to create good will in the community and associate its name with a local treasure.

Would you help the Museum by making a generous donation to the building fund? Tell your neighbors and friends at your work place, civic clubs, and schools of our need. Time is running out. The Museum needs your help.

Please send your tax-deductible contribution to:

Long Beach Heritage Museum
5318 E. 2nd St #331
Long Beach Ca. 90803

"Together we can leave our children and future citizens a living heritage. History is made from the heart of the people and out of the heart of the people flows the life of the city's greatness. With the help of its people, the life history of Long Beach will again flow like a river for all those that seek its past history." Ken Larkey, curator

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